Friday, June 29, 2012

A New Challenge

Blogging for me needs a purpose. And sure I like to talk, so I could say that this is my outlet for being a yakity yakker, but I think it needs something more substantial. So I'm going to try and Make Something New Each Month from Pinterest.

Tell me, if you're on Pinterest.. Do you not have a Board for "Crafts To Try" or "DIY"?? I have... 181 crafts pinned to my Crafts board. So I think that's a great reason to do them. I also have a "Crafts I've Done" board, it only has 11 pins.

So I'll begin with that board today. I have pinned DIY Wreath Form Less Than $1.

While out with DH at the hardware store I picked up a long (6'?) piece of foam pipe covers in the plumbing section. At home I simply cut it to the size I wanted and taped both ends together with duct tape. This photo is not my own but from a Gorgeous Moss Wreath tutorial from I {heart} Nap Time

After I made my wreaths I spent way too much time wrapping them with yarn. Around and around and around.. Only to have it later get squished and not be able to bend it back into shape :( Fail I'd say. So if you decide to make this yourself you may want to read this blog by Gail Made on how to prevent kinks. 

So that is all for now! I've got an idea where I'd like to go next with this adventure. Any suggestion? I'd love to hear from you.


**P.S** My Pinboard is HERE and you can link in a comment which one you think I should do in July ^_^ I'd love that. If you can't figure out how to give the link you can leave a description. I can try and figure it out heh.