Monday, April 23, 2012

Using the Giveaways Sweepstakes App on Facebook

Like I said in my previous post (Using Giveaways to Increase Your Facebook Fans), this is NOT an easy to navigate App. I still get lost and just start at the beginning again when I'm trying to get to certain areas. So here is my best attempt to explain how to set up and use the App to get more fans. These directions may not be exact. Bear with me. I apologize if it's confusing or needs correction.

1. You must find the app!! One might try searching for Sweepstakes on FB. Or you can use this link.
2. On the right hand top of screen click on "Create your own giveaway". This will bring up a new window from Floodstreet prompting you to add it to your page. If you haven't done so already then you must do this in order to continue.
3. Go ahead and click on "Add to my page". This will bring up another window. Follow the prompts to add it to your fan page allowing it access as needed.
4. After all of that you should finally be set up to begin listing a giveaway!!

Now, If you've already done the above and have the App set up then you can start from here.
1. From YOUR fan page click on the sweepstakes link. It is a blue tile with a white S on it.
2. Click on the orange button marked "Manage giveaways".
3. You'll now find yourself at your Giveaway Schedule page. Here you can see past, current, and future giveaways of yours. To make a new one click on "Create a new giveaway"
4. This is the important page. In order to get more likes (which is why you're here in the first place) you MUST enable the very top option. "Display giveaway on the Stumbler?" YES, click "Yes I want this giveaway to appear on the Stumbler". It will take AT LEAST 24 hours to be approved and to see the likes trickle in but you HAVE to enable this.
Filling out the rest...
Target location - where are you willing to ship to? If your item is digital, paper, or a gift certificate I'd suggest making it worldwide. If its something heavy or large you can choose local (knowing you wont reach as many people). You can also choose just the US or whatnot. All up to you. Everything here on out is up to you.
Category - Pick one relevant
Shipping cost - Are you picking up the shipping tab? If not then let people know how much they'll be paying.
Start End Dates - up to you. I usually go 1-2 weeks. Maximum duration is 1 month.
Name of Items - um, the name of what you're giving away...
Giveaway Title - I'd say to use A or An before the title. They say for example "Win a ..." I'd remove Win and leave the A. Just because it works better when it's linked. You'll realize this later. Up to you. you can always change it ;-)
Short Description - Quick blurb for why people should enter your contest.
Full Description - Give all the info you want. Links. Measurements. Colors. Whatev. Or don't. But you can not tell people they have to jump through hoops to enter. (If your aim is to get views in your virtual shop you can make the listing for lets say "One Item in the XY shop" or "A $10 gift certificate at the XY shop". These listings will do double duty. 1. bring people to your FB page and likes, 2. bring traffic to your online shop. Sweet. Well IRL shop if you're lucky enough to have a brick and mortar. You lucky duck you!!) Also explain disqualification rules if you have them and shipping costs.
Estimated Product Value - Optional to provide. If it's more than say... $20, I'd list it. Which reminds me... ahh!!
Give the Referrer the same prize? - UP TO YOU!! I have allowed it on all of my giveaways because I can afford it. But so far I've not had to give away 2 prizes for any contest. Not everyone is referred and a lot of people don't share it with their friends.
Photo - Make it clear, make it attractive. Make it count!
5. Hit Save Giveaway!!  yay!!

Now check out your handy work. Make sure to take a count of how many likes you had before it began. Then if you've put it on the Stumbler be sure to WAIT at least 24 hours for it to be approved. Hopefully your contest goes longer than 24 hours... You can click on the title of the giveaway to view its details. Share the link with your friends etc. My recommendation is to enter the contest yourself! (you can disqualify yourself under the contestants tab). Then you can share it on your page. I'd also copy and paste the link onto the fan page AS the fan page so that anyone not on YOUR friends list but who already like your page can see it and enter and share as well.

Promote Promote Promote!! But don't be a nasty spammer. Boo!!

If I've confused you immensely then please just check out their Help Page. I haven't viewed it too much but there's good info there I'm sure. Also if you want to go back to the Sweepstakes after you've closed the window/tab/ shut down your computer or whatever then just go to your fan page and click the App Tile. It will be near the top. If it's not showing (timeline layouts) then you might want to click the down triangle button to the right of your Likes. See it? I hope so. Have fun!! And please feel free to link your giveaway in a comment here with a quick blurb about what can be won.

Thanks for reading! I promise I'll figure out screenshot on a Mac... in the near future.. I'm an excellent procrastinator. hah


p.s. One last thing and I swear I'll shut up. When promoting your Giveaway don't tell people to "like your page to enter" no. Don't even say that. Just say "Enter to win my giveaway for XY here!! It takes less than 30 seconds!!" or something similar. But if you tell them to Like your page they will assume that "Oh all I have to do is like and I'm entered" when that's not true at all. Eliminate confusion. When entering the App will let them know that they have to like the page in order to be entered. Ball in their court and you're not the bad guy ;)

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