Saturday, August 11, 2012

July Recap

That month flew by fast! And it's not to say I didn't keep up with the challenge. Oh no, I made at least a few things on my "to do" list. But the one thing I made specifically for the challenge... didn't quite get finished. You see, for the first time in my life I decided to make a dress for myself. I totally forgot that the pattern designer was probably a size 0-5 while my own numbers are in the double digits easily. So, that project is on the back burner until i can tweak things here and there. Then MAYBE I'll let you see how awful of a job I've done.

 Here is a picture of the best place to produce shop on our way to the summer house. We went up to the summer house at least twice. For $10 she gave us 3 cukes, 2 small bags of potatoes (white and red), a HUGE head of cabbage, two lovely big red onions and a small handful of tiny red onions, two bell peppers and two HUGE heads of fresh lettuce, one green and one red. Oh man these veggies were delicious!

Also while upstate I went blueberry picking with my in-laws ^_^ Ingalls blueberry hill is located in Cooperstown, I think highway 28? Either way it's across from the Dream baseball youth camp. You should taste fresh blueberries right from the trees, so delicious! As you can see from the small amount of blueberries in my bucket, I was a picky picker. I only wanted the darkest, biggest ones. Nothing wrong with that. They were all a little damp from the morning showers but when we got the haul home we dried them out on trays and froze most for later. When I got back to my home I made a blueberry dessert! If you'd like I can share this recipe later. I made two small "pies" and one large one. Then I ate a small one by myself because I'm greedy and it was good!

During the month of July I actually did many things.  I crocheted my second baby blanket (this one was a granny square type) for my son's Godfather's son who will be born here in a week or two. It took me a LONG time to finish with my little dude around. My son was very needy this month. I also took both the cars for their repairs and oil changes and inspections. I also, injured my back, went to multiple doctor visits, took the boy to doctor visits. Oh I had a hearing test because the hubby said "You must be going deaf, you never hear me" Well they did some serious testing and the results are, I can hear just perfectly! The tests were bordering on NASA testing if you ask me. Real trippy.

One last thing I can say I did make something that I saw on Pinterest. This covered charge cord. I first did it on my headphones using a lot of random colors and I loved it. So I did it again with a gradient of greens into yellow and then brown. I see people selling these on Etsy for an average of $25 or so. I'm not sure it would be a great idea to include them in my shop just yet. Right now I'm focusing on the mini envelopes. If you make this "Embroidered" type thing I recommend using a little super glue at the beginning and end at least. I also used glue every time I added a new color. It's a very simple method and I can show you how later if you'd like to know that also.

That's all for now. ^_^

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