Wednesday, August 15, 2012


What inspires you? Today, test yourself. See if you can't find inspiration in the most random of places. How about at exactly 5pm you look around and find any one thing and think about it. Does it move? How? Is it vibrant and bright? Dull and dingy? New? Old? Let it pique your interest.

I'd like to show you something I've pinned to my "inspiration" pinterest board. 100 Creative Sites That Might Inspire You - Splashnology. Since you're already on the internet, why not look at awesome websites like this: Forgotten Colours. This is my first time checking it out. It is apparently an app/book available for the Apple iPad. I'm out of luck there, but I have an iPhone! Nope, there is an iPhone app for wallpapers though. I downloaded it and it's got a bunch of related backgrounds of awesomely done graphic art. If you're into that sort of thing then this might already inspire you.

Alright, so I've got about something like 6 hours and change. See you later!


Update - It's about 5:30 now. And 30 minutes ago, between rolling around on the sofa with a stomach ache and chasing my favorite little monster around I was inspired! My neighbors include a little girl who is so delightful. She saw the monster peeking out of our window and waved and played with him. Moments like that ^_^

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