Monday, October 15, 2012


**This blog was written before "son rise". While researching how to clean the stench from vintage luggage, closing a third gmail account, and crocheting.

Updates. They make me crazy! Why does the world have to move so fast? Don't people miss not knowing everything about everyone else? And then Pinterest comes along and nobody can keep up with the Joneses anymore. It's like Americans are losing their mind from all of these social updates. Make it stop!

And then she unplugged the laptop and lived happily ever after. 3000 miles away from her newborn niece and happy family. And her and her son and hubby did not concern themselves with what people ate. Or how anyone else felt. They focused only on each other, and loved it. They missed out on who went where and with whom. And as it was an election year they missed out on the bombardment of political propaganda. Since they never spoke ill of any U.S. President, present or former, they were elated. They missed out on the best photographed blogs and feeling like they weren't doing enough things for their family and home.

End dream sequence.

I have to unplug. For the safety of my family AND the sanity of myself. But I'll still be back. It'll just be scheduled. Like when you used to go to the library. You wouldn't spend all day there willy nilly... Ok, some of us actually did. Bad example. um.. The Dmv? Only more distracting? Or Ikea? haha. That is what the internet is like to me. Ikea, the dmv, the library, everything and more all wrapped up into one laptop.

So, for now I think every other day will be internet free. On my phone too. Well, no social update apps.  No Pinterest or Safari. Only camera, text, phone/facetime. AND ETSY of course.

It feels like every time I check my phone I'm saying "son this is more important than you".
I have goals dangit! And these updates are delivering too much pressure. Being a perfectionist doesn't help. I feel like, no matter what I do for my family that it's not enough, that I could be doing more and better and healthier and prettier and made from scratch and all natural and home grown etc etc. Slow the train down. *sigh*
That's not fair to me. I shouldn't feel that way. And I don't blame the internet. I blame myself. But instead of throwing a pity party I'm here organizing my thoughts and a plan of action. Now I have to go and put that in effect.

The son is up. Today internet. Tomorrow not. See ya!

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