Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plarn progress

Well thank you Saint Valentine for interrupting my plarning. Well that and my hand hurts. I'm using a K hook because it's nice and big so that will help alleviate some of the pain associated with this project. So I know I wanted to make that rug, but my good friend Leslie really wanted to see a finished bag, which is why I started there.

First, how to add the plarn. I add as I go so I don't have to cut at all, just either attach a new color or pull it up and stitch over the ends when I get to them in the next row. I start with the two bag hoops.

Here i'm taking the left hoop under the right.

Pulling the left hoop backwards.

Then pulling the left loop underneath itself.

Lastly, making sure everything is straight and even, I pull both ends EVENLY so as not to stretch it or rip it one way or another.

And if I do that right I'll get this lovely little knot! Sometimes it's not so pretty but I just move on anyhow. It's plarn; it's quite forgiving. Also note, sometimes it helps if you keep the added piece's ends (for me that's the left loop) loose till you have to pull. And at the same time make sure you're holding the right loop tightly in the right spot.. well it doesn't have to be any one particular spot, so long as when you go to pull that they will line up. Otherwise you'll get a wonky right loop and blame me!!

So here is my progress so far. 

The top shows about 8 rows up the side of the bag. The bottom shows the inside and bottom of the bag. 

Basically I did a starting chain till I was content with the length. Then did about 6 SC rows turning, and a border row. Changed colors and SC in the BLO I went around the entire piece. Eventually I'm going to start a SC, chain and skip, SC to create a mesh effect.

OH, my distractions... Oh yeah, I've got a major migraine that just wont leave me alone. And DH has a major head cold :( LO is sick too. Yuck. So I made some Matzo Ball Soup, for the first time ever, and didn't add enough broth. Next time I'll add leftover chicken chunks and more broth and probably a few carrot pieces. 

And then I had to make him a card of course.

yeah I'm not a geek at all.. hahah yeah right!

I also made cake pops and that took up a good chunk of the day. Anyway here is LO looking handsome and showing how much he loves me ^_^ 

Off I go to get distracted with more crafts! Plus I'm running low on brown plarn, so I might need to chop up more bags.. even though I went through at least a hundred! Happy crafting!



  1. I love the v day card and little Elli in his v day bib! Plarn, that's new to me! I'm going to look into that... Can you send me some matzo ball soup?

  2. I will send you my mommy, her matzo ball soup is THE BEST!!