Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday

Hooray! Good news for everyone.

I'm hosting another giveaway on Facebook. This time it's for my newest and cutest item, Mini Envelopes. They are so cute. Can you imagine finding a tiny envelope and opening it to find a cute little sentiment from your secret admirer? You could leave them in your kids lunchbox, put them in those plastic Easter eggs, embellish scrapbook pages with them... it's really up to your imagination. So here's the link for that. Good Luck! Oh and also, you get two chances of winning because the winner and the person that referred them will receive a prize :D

In other news, I FINISHED THE DARN PLARN BAG!! HOORAY!! Ok, If I had focused on it more int he beginning it would have been done sooner, but hey, give it a look!

the SC stitches made it flare out and the SC, CH skip made it go in... So next time I think just the bottom in SC and everything else SC, CH skip. What do you think? My bag-o-bags. What would you make with plarn?

 I also finished that clothespin wreath, last night, or this morning.. I had to cut the hanger twice, didn't have a hot glue gun so went about twisting the wires with vice grip tools DH has (thanks dude) and then had a dilemma with the pointy parts... Which is when I had that a'ha moment >_< I was mad at myself for not thinking of this sooner, Instead of twisting the wires why not just use freaking ELECTRIC TAPE!! Gah, next time.

It's definitely not the prettiest thing :( But I'll use a wide ribbon later and hopefully hide that hideousness.
Also new in the shop are my Victorian framed Sugar Skull Toothpick Paintings. I love them, but they're not for everyone. So if you don't like them that's ok. I don't like cotton balls =P So there! heh

No really, I hate cotton balls. And corduroy, and velvet... it's a sensory thing.

I'm finally starting to feel like even though my shop has a few different types of products, that it's coming together. I don't know, the envelopes just bring me so much happiness.

So thanks again everyone for your kind words and encouragement. You are awesome.



P.S. Go enter to win that giveaway!!

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