Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Blahs

Well I meant to post yesterday but that obviously didn't happen :( My apologies. So let's do a quick recap of the last week.

Oh there's this Home Accessories shop right across from my post office in Southfields. I've always just driven past it but last week I stopped and checked it out. Oh My goodness their merchandising is a dream. It's as though people were having a tea party or something and just got up and left. Thats just upstairs though. The store is called Jasmine. They've got a bunch of brightly colored gorgeous items for sale (not cheap mind you!) And it's was an inspiring eye opening visit. I'm glad I stopped in.

I finally put my sons clothespin wreath up in his room and now it is holding his cards. That de-clutters the room a bit ^_^.  Oh yes, the GIVEAWAY. Congrats to Jennifer Landers who won the mini envelopes from last weeks blog. For those of you interested in doing Facebook giveaways you may want to look into the Sweepstakes App for your business page. It increases your "likes" if you do it correctly and follow all of FB's many many confusing guidelines.

I've also brought in a new line of envelopes. These are bigger. Able to fit a gift card or business card. They come with a note card though. My favorite are the ones with the tiny birds.

These pictures are dark but you can view some of the envelopes here on my shop page.

In other news, My wonderful DH was tidying up the house a bit and smashed a ruler or something into the side of my expensively hand constructed light/studio box... AND THEN the delightful DS decided to join in and stuck his hand through the top... THANKS GUYS -___- So in a future blog I'll show you how I made it, and no I was being dramatic. It only cost me $2 to make because I needed to buy posterboard. Otherwise I just used everything else I already had in the house.  In the picture you can see I can't use this thing anymore, I'd have to replace the tissue paper, which isn't a problem but I've been meaning to make a larger one anyhow and so here's an excuse.

What do you think of my mini envelopes??

Alrighty then, lastly I shall say a few more things. 1, I've finished Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith. I give it 4/5. and now I'm reading The Help. I've been meaning to get it and then didnt want to spend the money so looked to get it at the library but that was more work, so what did I do? I downloaded it from the library onto my phone! How cool is that!?!?
2. DH finally put PhotoShop on my dang laptop!! YAY!! Now I can bring back my digital items to my shop! I LOVE IT!!
3. CHECK OUT THIS TREASURY!! I just made it and It's called Martha Eat Your Heart Out. In dedication to one of my favorite women in the entire world, Martha, You rock!
Here's a pic of one of the items which can be purchased here:

Awesome stuff in their Etsy shop. Thank you all for reading!

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