Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring is here!

Yes so it has finally arrived.. in a blaze of YELLOW!! It's so crazy. I don't care for these flowers so much on their own but maybe with more vegetation they won't be so unappealing to me. I'm trying to decide on what, if anything, I should plant here. It's hard to see but the stairs lead up to the street and our driveway which wraps around and down on the left.

A family friend suggested Violets, so that is a possibility. Right now we have on the left side of the arbor Orange Honeysuckle (At least I remember it being orange and me saying 'ewww' heh) and thought DH tried to plant some Red Lilies on the left of it, I think the deer got to it before it could really take root. And I'm still attempting to grow Orange and yellow Nasturtiums on the right of the arbor. Oh yes and we have a great supply of Poison Ivy. woohoo...

I'd really like something RED to attract the hummingbirds. Whether it's a red chair or bird feeder or maybe red flowers.. I'm not sure yet. Somewhere in our garden which is a lot more than this picture, as we live on the side of a mountain, we will of course have a bunch of herbs. The Basil is already beginning to grow (pics in a future post, I promise). And I'll bring Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro and Rosemary into the equation as well. Fresh parsley would be awesome! And of course we're looking to grow some peppers. Bell peppers and spicy jalapenos.

Other things I'm interested in adding to the lot:

  • A, Jewelweed - Spotted Touch Me Not (Impatiens capensis) 
  • P, Candytuft (Iberis umbellata)
  • A, Alyssum - Royal Carpet (Lobularia maritima)
Of course I'd prefer perennials but I'm keeping my options open. Any thoughts as to what I should include? Oh, I'm looking for a vine too. I've got my eye on a night blooming Moonflower (A). 

Here are my tiny envelopes! I've decided to just throw them all together willy nilly instead of having six of one kind and half a dozen of another. You can see them listed here

That's all for now. The boy is teething and getting depressed. It's really making it hard for me to get ANYTHING done. Happy Friday!!

Xo, Bri

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